Language Training


Learning a language can be done on various kind of ways. But it is still common to focus mainly on grammatical exercises and studying vocabularies. The language schools often disregard the fact, that the students want to speak the language primarily and not to become an interpreter. Therefore, the students need a feeling how the language works, so that they can express thereselfs e.g. in a job interview, holding a presentation, talking to colleagues and friends or moderating a work process.


For me as a trainer it is important, that the students keep their motivation of improving their language skills. "Joy" is the key to keep the internal motor going, so you will


1.  learn on a method mix to make no room for boredom (Video Training, Audio Training,  

     Language games a.s.o.)

2.  have lectures and written exercises at home

3.  speak constantly with your trainer on your Berliner sightseeing tour

4.  learn specific vocabularies you need for your job, while visiting the corresponding

      buildings and places (e.g. court, political building, lawyer office, special branch company)





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