Your Training


You choose your targets!


Your training will be an intensive tuition, which can include a language training as well as a cultural training - you choose your thematic priorities.  Before your arrival in Berlin, we are going to define your learning targets in order to prepare your weekly schedule for your homestay training.


The 3 steps


The training will be designed exclusively for every single student, thereby the success of learning is guaranteed. To assure this result, the training includes three phases:


1. Pre-Coaching: The training starts before arriving in Berlin via a pre-coaching by email.

  • Entry level test
  • Questionnaire to verify the learning targets
  • First homework in preparation of the training
  • Trainer as a contact person will be at your disposal


2. Homestay Training: Live with your Homestay Trainer and learn with my Lingutrainment


  • 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 intensive lessons in 5 days
  • taught by a one-to-one-setting
  • "Lingu"(istic): Speaking  all day the german language while staying in the house of the trainer
  • "Train"(ing): Improve your language skills intensively based on the training concept
  • (Entertain)"Ment": Sustainable and effective training caused by having joy while learning lessons


3. Post-Processing: After your departure the learning program continues and you will be further 


  • 2 hours of post-processing
  • Expert monitoring and consulting
  • Corrections of the written work

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact me by using this form.

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